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Arri Orbiter

200,00  / Day

(800,00  / Week)

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Product Information

The Orbiter is Arris next-generation LED point light source. The new six-light color engine provides a wide color gamut with its red-green-blue-amber-cyan-lime diodes. Different lenses provide a variety of beam angles and even other modifiers can be used, such as soft boxes.


  • Weight: 14,2 kg (lamp head & yoke), Dimensions: 330 x 305 x410 mm (lamp head)
  • Beam Angle: 80° Half Peak Angle (without optics), Light Aperture: 42 mm (without optics)
  • Tilt Angle: +/-90° in dry location, +75° / -90° in wet location with rain cover
  • Power Consumption: 400 W Nominal, 500 W Maximum
  • AC input: 100 - 240 V~, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Battery DC Voltage Range: 48 - 52 V⎓
  • White Light: calibrated 2000 K to 20000 K, fine-tuneable
  • Color Modes: CCT, HSI, individual color, gel selection, x/y coordinates, source matching, lighting effects, and color sensor mode
  • High Color Rendition: CRI Average > 98, TLCI Average > 95, TM-30 Average > 94 (3200 to 5600 K)
  • Green-Magenta Adjustment: Continuously adjustable between Full Minusgreen to Full Plusgreen
  • Dimming: Smooth, 100 – 0%, continuously, linear / exponential / logarithmic / „S“ curve
  • Connectivity: Removable Control Panel via PoE, 5-pin XLR in and through, EtherCON in and through, 2 x USB-A, USB-C, SD Card, Camera Sync Input
  • Control Options: Wireless control via LumenRadio CRMX (DMX & RDM), Full E1.20 RDM standard implementation
  • Included in kit: Lamp head, quick-release yoke, three-lens kit (15°, 30° and 60°), barn doors, control panel mounting accessory.

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