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Sony Cameras

Sony Venice FF 6K

930,00  / Day

(3.720,00  / Week)

You will be able to set the timeframe for your rental from the order list.

Included Items

  • 1 x Arri Bridge Plate BP-8
  • 1 x Arri Camera Center Handle CCH-4 for Sony Venice
  • 1 x Arri Rod Mounting Bracket (RMB-3)
  • 1 x Arri Top Plate for Sony Venice
  • 1 x Wedge Plate Adapter WPA-2
  • 1 x PL Mount
  • 2 x Rod 15mm Steel Medium
  • 2 x Rod 15mm Steel Short
  • 2 x Rod 19mm Titanium Medium (200-350mm) (Drumstix 9"/12")
  • 1 x The AXS-R7 External Memory Recorder
  • 1 x Sony DVF-EL200 Viewfinder Cable
  • 1 x Sony Viewfinder DVF-EL200 OLED for Sony Venice

Optional Items

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