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  • Arri Alexa Mini Production Kit Day 1100,00€ / Week 4400,00€

    Kit Includes:

    • ARRI Alexa Mini camera body
    • ALEV III 4:3 sensor
    • Apple ProRes or ARRIRAW on CFAST 2.0 card
    • Arri PL LDS lens mount with L-Bus Connector or EF lens mount
    • Arri Multi Viewfinder MVF-1
    • 1x CFAST 2.0 128GB Memory Card + USB3 Card Reader
    • Integrated wireless lens control receiver
    • Arri BP-8 with 19mm Rods
    • Built-in Motorized ND filters 0.6, 1.2 and 2.1
    • Arri Bebob V-Mount Power Splitting Box
    • Onboard V-Lock Battery, 4 pcs.
    • Battery Charger, V-Lock, 2-slot
  • Arri Amira Kit Day 680,00€ / Week 2720,00€

    Kit Includes:

    • ARRI Amira camera body
    • ALEV III 16:9 sensor
    • Apple ProRes on CFAST 2.0 cards
    • Arri PL LDS lens mount or EF lens mount
    • CFAST 2.0 Memory Card 128GB, 1 pc.
    • CFAST Memory Card Reader w/ USB3 Cable
    • Amira Multi Viewfinder, MVF-1
    • Support system for either 15mm or 19mm rods
    • Porta-Brace Carrying Case for Amira
    • Onboard V-Lock Battery, 4 pcs.
    • Battery Charger, V-Lock, 2-slot