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Has Juha always had
a moustache?
Yes. Since birth.

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When is Angel Films open?

Our rental is open on weekdays 7.30-16.30. You are always welcome to visit us and get to know our fantastic team, equipment and spaces.

Teaser: We also have fresh brewed coffee and hot tea to serve.

Is Angel Films a production company? Does Angel Films produce movies, ads or TV-shows?

We are a rental company for film equipment.

We rent lighting and camera equipment, vehicles for transportation of the equipment, staff and studio space. We don’t offer production services. But we sometimes act as a co-producer. We are always interested to hear about your project!

Can I do an internship at Angel Films?

Maybe. Please, send your inquiry to our rental manager Petri Anttonen. Mention the timing and purpose of your internship, and other details.

If you are interested to do an internship in the camera department, contact Erkki Pakonen with same specs.

Why year 1992 is so important to you?

Angel Films was founded in 1992 by Henrik Paersch.

Angel Films moved to the current location on Saahajankatu in 1997 and in 2010 Devil Rentals was merged to Angel Films. In 2011 Angel Films became a part of NSR Scandinavia group, in which Dagsljus group from Sweden and Angel Films Estonia also belong.

I’m a student making my own film as part of my studies. Will Angel Films sponsor my production?

Angel Films has gladly supported student films, but each movie will be considered separately. So be in contact with us about your film idea well in advance and let´s go from there.

Psst psst…Have you heard? Finland has the cash rebate incentive!

Since 1st of January 2017 Finland has offered 25 %  cash rebate for the audiovisual industry.

All you need is film/documentary/serial fiction production you want to make in Finland & Finnish production coordinator company. And you know, we can provide you the rental equipment and studio facilities.
We are happy to tell you more but deep sight for the topic you’ll get visiting the following sites:

Tekes – Administrator for the funding service
Film Finland – General information for filming in Finland
and in Finnish Tuotantokannustin – Information for Finnish industry professionals

If I film a movie in Sweden, can I get equipment from you to use there?

Angel Films Oy is a part of NSR Scandinavia group.

NSR Scandinavia group is a joint pan Nordic film and TV equipment rental company. The group has sites in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Göteborg and Haaparanta/Tornio. Angel Films is the representative for the group in Finland, Angel Films Estonia in Estonia and Dagsljus group in Sweden. We also have companies in Denmark and Norway.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how to proceed when filming in Nordic countries or Baltic´s.

Has Juha always had a moustache?

Yes, yes, always. Since 1971 – army time.

If I film a movie in Europe or elsewhere, can I get equipment from you to use there?

Angel Films has very wide contact network around Europe and elsewhere. Please contact us and we will help you.

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P.S. We´re a part of pan Nordic film & TV equipment rental chain NSR Scandinavia group.

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