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Do I always need to use a tachograph in a truck?

Yes, according to the Finnish law you have to use it. In some of the cars there are new digital tachographs, that require a license, and in some there are old paper discs, that have to be changed and filled every day. The personnel at Angel Films can tell you more about getting a license, and tells you which cars require one.

Can I park Angel Films’ cars for example in Kallio for the night?

If possible, aim to park the car in locked indoor spaces or in guarded, fenced / closed areas. Make sure there are no things left on visible places in the car and move the equipment into a locked space. Remember to lock the car doors and look after the keys also during the day. Also make sure that there is as little stuff as possible left in the cockpit (such as bags).

What happens if I lose the car keys?

Contact the person who is in charge of the cars, or the production executive and check, whether two keys have been given. If not, contact Angel Films to get the spare key.

If you lose car keys at night – think through if you really need the keys right away and if not then go to sleep and call Angel Films in the morning. Let´s figure it out with rested minds.

What fuel should I use to fill up the car tank?

All Angel Films’s cars run on diesel, also generators built on the trucks run on diesel (small portable Honda EU10, EU20, EU30 etc. generators run on 98 octane gasoline). If you are unsure or drive a car that isn’t Angel Films’, then check the fuel hatch to see what the vehicle runs on. The information can also be found in the booklet that is in the glove compartment. If you are still unsure call Angel Films.

I need a car for my production. Could I rent one from you and how?

Yes, we have vans and trucks for equipment transportation. Check out the Vehicles in the Equipment navigation. Call or e-mail us and we’ll tell you more.

How do I proceed if the car is damaged?

If you are the guilty party: Give your contact details and the car information to the other party. Contact Angel Films and tell us what has happened. Fill out the damage report form and send it to Angel Films.

If you are the victim of an accident: Write down the other party’s contact details and the car information. Contact Angel Films to get information on how to check and repair the car damages. The traffic insurance compensates the cost of the damages only for the innocent party. Angel Films has valid full comprehensive and traffic insurances.

It might be a good thing to snap a couple of pictures at your accident scene.

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