Quality with long legacy

Founded in 1992, Angel Films is a film equipment and studio rental company. We cater to productions from light to heavy, from domestic to foreign and we help creative people to bring their vision to life.

We're a film
equipment rental

From grips to cranes, trucks to lights, crew to cameras – we got you covered. We facilitate two studio spaces, one in the Helsinki Arabia district and the other located next to our HQ at Sahaajankatu 28.
You can check out our catalogue from equipment page and create your order list online or contact our booking directly by phone or email.

We have been here for 30 years and counting. Time flies when you have wings on your back.

Angel Films Helsinki
Angel Films Helsinki

We are passionate and ambitious about productions.

How to achieve our vision?


Angel Films offers the highest quality and most wanted equipment, studios, and services to professionals in the entertainment industry.

What makes us?

  1. We offer top-quality service
  2. Cutting-edge equipment for all projects
  3. Good teamwork is how you get the best results
  4. We operate with international standards
  5. We’re ecological and socially sustainable
Angel Films Van

Responsibility for the environment


We are committed to the continuous improvement of sustainability. We have been granted the EcoCompass certification.

Responsibility for the environment means concrete actions in our operations.

We are committed to conserving natural resources and increasing the positive impact on the environment. Our EcoCompass certificate is the best proof of this.

We continuously develop our service and support our customers in the planning and implementing sustainable and responsible AV productions.

As Ecocompass certificate holders, we are committed to developing our ecological processes systematically and measurably. We recognize the significant environmental impact of our organization, and we actively work towards reducing it. The certificate also improves customer and staff satisfaction. Sustainable values are present in our everyday actions. We want to be a reliable and honest partner to all our stakeholders in conducting ecological business.

From the beginning of the certification process we have achieved the following goals:

  • We have modernized and diversified our waste collection, continuously monitoring waste volumes and recycling, and developing ways to reduce waste at every stage of our service processes.
  • The electricity in our premises is produced with 100% renewable energy sources
  • The properties are heated with completely CO2-free Helen Kiertolämpö.

The Ecocompass certificate is built to be compatible with international ISO 14001 and EMAS standards and similar Nordic systems. Environmental work develops in systematic measures. It helps in risk management, identifying ecological impacts, and meeting legal requirements.

A career at Angel Films

Are you looking
for new job

We’re always open for new industry professionals to join our crew. If you’re interested, send us an email with an open application and your CV attached, and we’ll get back to you.