Studio 135

Hämeentie 135 H-J
00560 Helsinki


A modern two-studio complex is great for all kinds of TV, film and virtual productions.

Booking: +358 9 7594 770
Emergency 24/7: +358 9 7594 7750

The original Arabia facility was built in 1998 for studio purposes. It served Aalto University Department of Film, Television, and Scenography until the beginning of 2018. Through 2018 it was under a full renovation and completed in early 2019.

During the renovation, the studios were modernized and designed as two separate spaces:

• Studio A is an 800m² studio with 216 to 430 guest partly telescopic auditorium. Great for big live productions, TV shows and drama productions.

• Studio B is a 250m² studio with a  green cyclorama wall and a LED volume + facilities for virtual productions by Formlös. Perfect place for commercials, streamings and virtual productions.

Also, A and B studios can be combined into one L-shaped studio with over 1000m².
Originally built as studio space, the sealing is high. In Studio A, the height is 10,5m, and in Studio B is 6,7m. In Studio B the ceiling has permanent tracks/beams and ready-build hoist for rigging.

Along with the modernized studios, facilities include excellent working spaces and supportive spaces for staff and audience.

  • office and conference spaces
  • multiple catering/ kitchen/ spaces
  • facilities for makeup/wardrobe and laundry
  • numerous bathroom and shower facilities
  • various lobbies and audience facilities

Studio 135 is located in the Arabia district of Helsinki. The central location offers services from restaurants to shopping malls, hardware stores and parking. It is easy to access with private cars and with public transportation from various directions.

By public transportation:
– Tram stops for HSL lines 6 and 8.
– Bus stops for HSL lines 71, 71V and 68 from Central Railway Station in the city
center and line 74 from Hakaniemi.
– Buses from neighbouring municipalities stop at Koskelantie/Viikintie nearby.

By car:
10-minute drive from Helsinki City Center
20-minute drive from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
15-minute drive from the Angel Films rental house and the Angel Films Studio 30.
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There is a small underground parking garage at Q-Park Arabiakeskus (Hämeentie 135).
A season card is required in order to use the hall outside the opening hours 07.00-20.00
(Mon-Fri) and 10.00-16.00 (Sat-Sun).


Welcome to Studio 135. Take a virtual tour and explore studio space.

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Studio 135 – Technical Specs and Details
Studio A + audience
926 m2
Studio A floor space (when audience seats collapsed)
762 m2
42 m / 138 ft
18 m / 59 ft
10,5 m / 34 ft
Fixed Seating
216 Seats
Telescopic Seating
96 Seats
Single Seats
116 pcs
Loading Door Measurements:
5,1 m x 5,4 m (w x h) / 16.7 ft x 17.7 ft (w x h)
172 m2
202 m2
Studio Floor Space
250 m2
Wardrobe and Make-Up (including WC & shower)
27 m2
13 m2
Two toilets
5 m2
35 pcs DeSisti Light Hoists
Chain lifts
33 pcs 250 kg Chain Hoists
232 Channels 10A
Conference Room
39,5 m2
Small Office Room (4 rooms)
15 m2
Large Office Room
28 m2
31 m2
Locker Room 1 (including WC & shower)
14,5 m2
Locker Room 2 (including WC & shower)
14,5 m2
30,5 m2
29 m2
Laundry machine and dryer
2 m2

A or B studio, or both?

Which studio should I book?

Studio A is an 800m² studio, with 430 guest partly telescopic auditorium. Great i.e. for big productions and TV shows.


Studio B is a 250m² studio with a green chroma wall, suitable i.e. for advertisement and smaller audiovisual and virtual productions.


Need even more m²? A and B studios combine into one L-shaped studio with over 1000m².

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