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Technical Producer
Arno Launos

Over 20 of years of experience behind the camera as DOP, technical producer and lighting designer .  Expertise in TV production, light- programming and lighting and strong competence in modern technology of the field.


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Crew for hire

Aki Karppinen

19 years of gaffer expertise in tv-series, i.e. Sijainen (2022) shorts, and Finnish feature films like Tove (2020) and Miami (2017).


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Angel Films Aki Karppinen

Crew for hire

Camera Technician / 1st AC & Focus Puller
Mika Vuorinen
20 years of experience as 1st AC  and latest projects include i.e. 1.st AC for Makkari (TV- series, 2020), JVG – Frisbee (music video, 2019) and Valtra 70 (virtual production, 2020) as 1.AC.
Angel Films Mika Vuorinen

Crew for hire

Gaffer / Lighting Technician
Colin Thaa

Five years of experience as a gaffer in i.e. Virala genier season 2 (TV-series, 2021) and Erika Vikman & Arttu Wiskari – Tääl on niin kuuma (music video, 2021) + commercials. As a lightning technician, latest works include Sijainen (TV-series, 2022), Sorjonen – muraalimurhat (feature film, 2021) and Tove (feature film, 2020).

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Angel Films Colin Thaa

Crew for hire

Key Grip
Marko "Mace" Mantere

Key grip and crane operator since 1997.
Latest projects include i.e. Luokkakokous 3 (feature film, 2021), Cryptid, (TV-series, 2020),  and Helsinki Syndrooma (TV-series, season 1, 2022)


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Angel Films Marko "Mace" Mantere

Anton Vikström
Grip and Key Grip proficient with dollies, cranes, remote heads and more.
Work includes Key Grip in Risto räppääjä ja Väärä Vincent (feature film, 2020) and Makkari (TV- series, 2020).  Grip in Luokkakokous 3 (feature film, 2021), additional grip in Hautalehto: Kylmä Syli (TV series, 2021) and crane operator for the live broadcasts of Voice of Finland season 10 (2021).
Angel Films Anton Vikström
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Featured project:
“Venomous Moon” by The Rasmus and Apocalyptica.



  • Light Equipment
  • Camera Equipment
  • Studio


No-Office Films produced and Vertti Virkajärvi directed a music video for “Venomous Moon” by The Rasmus and Apocalyptica. The Video is inspired by 80’s classics like The Goonies, Neverending Story and E.T. You can also sense a strong Stranger Things vibe in the music video.

“Angel Films gear and studios provided excelent premises for this international level production.”

Joni Koukku, producer, No-Office