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All things on the road, off road and up in the air.


BongoBongo is a Helsinki based production service company specializing in technical camera movement solutions like chase car, shotmaker, aerial cinematography, steadicam and remote heads to mention a few.


You can find BongoBongo from the same address with Angel Films in Helsinki as we work together everyday.


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Your virtual production studio is closer thank you think


Formlös is a fast and modern virtual studio service operating in close co-operation with Angel Films at the Angel Films Arabia Studio 135.


Built concidering the audiovisual productions needs Formlös uses LED wall technology and virtual, real-time audiovisual tools like Unreal Engine to offer scalable and modular services for productions ranging from long fiction to TV entertainment advertisement and social media campaigns alike.


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The architects of entertainments

Visual monkeys

Visual monkeys is the expert in creating impressive visual worlds for events, concerts,  audiovisual experiences, entertainment and stage shows just to begin with. They operate from Helsinki, Finland all the way to Singapore!


Their fun, imaginative and experienced crew is the one you want to work with when you need to impress the eye. Angel Films and Visual monkey work in close connection to create the visual worlds for your production.


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