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Arri Cameras

Arri Alexa35

1.165,00  / Day

(4.660,00  / Week)

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Product Information

ALEXA 35 measures at 17 stops of dynamic range (exposure latitude):1.5 stops in the highlights and a stop in the shadows over previous ALEXA cameras, while retaining the naturalistic, film-like highlight roll-off.
In-camera down-sampling and anamorphic de-squeezing enable the ALEXA 35 to offer a robust array of 19 ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes recording formats with different resolutions, data rates, aspect ratios, and other factors, suiting the camera to a range of production styles. Recording resolutions include 4.6, 4, 3.3, 3, 2.7, and 2K options.
With an EI of 160 to 6400, the ALEXA 35 offers higher sensitivity and lower noise than ever before in the ARRI lineup, even in low-light settings. An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode (EI 2560-6400) works with the camera’s wide dynamic range to produce nuanced images in darker environments.

Included Items

  • 1 x 15mm Reduction Insert
  • 1 x Arri 2.4GHz Antenna
  • 1 x ARRI Alexa 35 Low Mode Support LMS-4
  • 1 x Arri Alexa 35 PL Lens Mount (LBUS)
  • 1 x ARRI Power Distribution Module PDM-1
  • 1 x ARRI Alexa 35 Top Extension Bracket TEB-1
  • 1 x ARRI Articulated Mounting Plate AMP-1
  • 1 x ARRI Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1
  • 1 x Arri Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-6 for Alexa 35
  • 1 x Arri Bridge Plate BP-8
  • 1 x ARRI Camera Side Bracket CSB-1L
  • 1 x ARRI Camera Side Bracket CSB-1R
  • 1 x ARRI Camera Side Bracket CSB-1R Extension
  • 1 x ARRI Center Camera Handle CCH-5
  • 1 x Arri Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
  • 1 x ARRI Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-7
  • 1 x ARRI Square Accessory Sleeve SAS-1
  • 2 x Viewfinder Cable Right Angle 50cm for MVF-2
  • 1 x ARRI Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-5
  • 2 x Rod 15mm Alu Medium (200-350mm)
  • 2 x Rod 19mm Steel Medium (200-350mm)

Optional Items

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