EF Prime Lenses

Canon Cine CN-E 24mm T1.5 L F, EF


61,00  / Day

(244,00  / Week)

You will be able to set the timeframe for your rental from the order list.

Product Information

The Canon CN-E prime lenses offer a compact, consistent lens design and proven Canon lens elements for performance and reliability in different shooting environments.
Designed to fulfill 4K production standards, it features a full-frame imaging circle in a lightweight, compact design.


  • Coverage: FF
  • Aperture: T1.5 to T22
  • Close focus: 0.30m
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Length: 102mm
  • Focus gear: 0,8mm
  • Iris gear: 0,8mm
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