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PL/LPL Prime Lenses - Full Frame

Arri Signature Prime 125mm T1.8

180,00  / Day

(720,00  / Week)

You will be able to set the timeframe for your rental from the order list.

Product Information

The Arri Signature Prime lenses offer a unique look never seen before in cinema. Warm, smooth skin; open shadows with crisp blacks; and bokeh like looking through a window in the rain. The timeless look of signature primes will never go out of style. ARRI Signature lenses play to the strengths of digital cinema. The immersive look is a combination of warmth and natural
detail that is flattering to skin tones, silky-smooth bokeh that enhances depth in every format,and best-in-class highlight
and shadow retention. Full of life and character, Signature images are beautiful whatever the format, resolution, and
deliverable requirements. 1917 was shot with these.


  • Lens Type: Cine Prime
  • Focal Length: 125mm
  • Coverage: FF
  • Aperture: T1.8-22
  • Close Focus: 1m
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Length: 178mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg
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