Special Lenses

Venus Optics Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe


135,00  / Day

(540,00  / Week)

You will be able to set the timeframe for your rental from the order list.

Product Information

Probe lens, which is described as “weird but genius”, is a truly unique lens designed for close-up shooting. Distinguished by its long and slender lens barrel, this macro lens provides a 2:1 maximum magnification with a 47cm minimum focusing distance and a close 2cm minimum working distance. The optical design includes both extra-low dispersion and extra-refractive index elements, which help to suppress chromatic and spherical aberrations for a high degree of clarity, color accuracy, and sharpness. Manual focus control permits focusing from 47cm to infinity, and the front of the lens has a built-in LED ring light to aid in focusing at close distances.


  • Lens Type: Cine Probe
  • Focal Length: 24mm
  • Coverage: FullFrame
  • Aperture: T14-40
  • Close Focus: 0.47m
  • Front Diameter: 20mm
  • Power: USB-C (LED)
  • Length: 408mm
  • Weight: 0.474kg
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