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Places to go,
people to see.

The good, the bad and the ugly. But mostly good. Sometimes bad. Ok, never ugly. These are the people that make Angel Films.

... it doesn't seem so stiff.

(Starting from far left)

Samuele Tassan

Warehouse Foreman +358 9 759 47730

Since the glorious year of 2011 the Italian Stallion Samuel has been checking and taking care of the equipment. He also checks himself at the gym (mirror) and takes care of himself by swimming. He also enjoys drawing. Women are always to him, like, “Paint me like one of your French girls.”. Remember… Titanic… When Kate Winslet, anyways…

About his co-workers he has only kind words to say. According to Samuel they are super good at their work and also very helpful. Such a nice guy! Clearly not Finnish.

At work he tries to avoid boring tasks, no success there.

Janne “Häkä” Häkkinen

Booking +358 9 759 47720

Janne’s story begun in 2005, just like Batman’s. As Christian Bale of AF, he handles the lighting and grip booking. He’s also somehow mixed up in the rental bureaucracy and finding misplaced equipment.

In the summertime he fishes. At winter it’s snowboarding and baby gymnastic exercises… ha ha hah ha, what ever that means! But hey, his nickname is Häkä.

Janne’s vice; according to his spouse, he is diligent at work, but lazy when it comes to choirs at home.

Petri Anttonen

Rental Manager +358 9 759 47720

In 1998, after Saving Private Ryan, Petri came to AF wrecking havoc like Godzilla… He acts as Rental Manager so basically he’s in charge of everything that has something to do with the rental stuff. It’s reported that he always has to have the… second last word.

Petri is into cycling.

His vice – too loose on giving discounts to clients. So, now you know who to call.

Philipp Robertz Details

Have you ever shot guy this hot?

Philipp Robertz

Group Controller +358 9 759 4770

Philipp is Angel Films controller/male model. He basically works for Dagsljus but loves to spend all of his time in AF HQ at Sahaajankatu.

His vice: doesn’t speak if not spoken to.

Bernd Woelke Details

Do you want reggae or rock?

Bernd Woelke

Service +358 9 759 47741

The year is 2005. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premiers in theatres. Bernd a.k.a Benkku enters Angel Films. Some refer to him as the Angel Films very own McGyver. He fixes everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Benkku also fixed all of his vices.

I drink like 20 cups of coffee per day.

(Starting from far left)

Marko “Mace” Mantere

Booking, Key Grip +358 9 759 47730

The year was 1997, Titanic sunk for the second time and Marko came to AF. Marko a.k.a Mace, handles the Grip equipment and checks that everything is working perfectly. He also does gigs as an Key Grip. His hobbies include summer cottaging (is that a word?), boating and scuba diving. So basically when he’s at his summer house, he takes the boat out on the lake and just dives in…

Mace has too much vices to write down here. Instead he encourages you to come over and to find out yourself.

Mika Vuorinen

Camera Technician +358 9 759 47790

Mika has been working as a camera assistant since 2003. Remember the best movie that came out that year? Yes, of course you do, 2Fast 2Furious. Just like Mika when he drives his mountain bike when he’s not busy watching his kids or TV.

Mika started working at Angel Films in 2016 in the camera department. His daily routines consist of checking and gathering equipment and building parts AND developing new products.

On the left in the picture is Mace. According to Mika, Mace is the juice police of Angel Films… what ever that means. Is it a good thing, is it a bad thing? You decide.

Mika vice: not enough sleep.

Aki Karppinen and Torsti Hyvönen Details

...Clas Ohlsson glasses for two euros.

(Starting from far left)

Aki Karppinen

Gaffer +358 9 759 4770

Year 2002. This free time archer and hunter enters Angel Films. After that he mainly does lighting gigs.

He appreciates Torsti’s multi talentdness and informs us that in need of help, Torsti is The Guy.

Torsti Hyvönen

Resource Manager +358 9 759 4770

Since 1998 Torsti has played a vital part in the Angel Films Rapid Reaction Forces (AFRRF). Infamously know for their skills to solving problems fast (Flash Gordon fast), effectively handling all sorts of problems and just making sure that everything is running perfectly at Angel Films HQ. He also does some odd jobs in the role of a Key Grip.

In the picture next to Torsti is Aki. Aki has a famous wrinkle in his forehead. Observing the wrinkle you can identify weather or not Aki has problems. Wrinkle on – problem, wrinkle off – all good.

One of Torsti’s vices is that he hangs out at the movie sets on his free time. Often. Probably too often. Time for an intervention?

Erkki Pakonen Details

Big heads run in our family.

Erkki Pakonen

Camera Technician +358 9 759 47790

Erkki a.k.a Eki, used to work in Devil Rentals and became an Angel in 2012. He works in the camera test range alongside with the clients. He also packs and unpacks the equipment. Wax on, wax off. He watches movies and plays basketball. Tr8 baller.

His vice: läsöily. Don’t have a clue what that means. Sounds like something to do with fatness.

Don’t want to admit that I’m from Espoo.

(Starting from far left)

Marianne Linder


Kristiina Werner

CEO +358 40 749 0014‬

From May 2019, Kristiina has been the CEO of Angel Films.

Before her career at AF she served for over 20 years in diverse positions in the media industry, both in Finland and abroad.

Johnny Aspelin

Vehicles +358 9 759 4770

Vroom vroom, take the wheel Johnny. Since early 2019 Johnny has been responsible of Angel Films’s vehicles.
Trucks, vans, cars, what ever has wheels – he handles it.

Patrik Holopainen and Johanna Holvikallio Details

It’s scary to look at someone's neck.

(Starting from far left)

Patrik Holopainen

Booking +358 9 759 47720
Bookings, bookings, bookings. Patrik handles camera equipment bookings. And has done that since 2017.
He’s born in… Sweden. And yes – nowadays he also has the drivers license! On top of those, Patrik says that his vice is that he can sing the ’Kolme pientä elefanttia’ song in Swedish.

Johanna Holvikallio

Camera Technician +358 9 759 47790

Johanna started at AF as an intern in 2015 and the rest is history. Johanna is the lens specialist in Angel Films. She also works as a camera assistant. All the co-workers say that Johanna is a walking talking Wikipedia.

When she’s not working she WOULD LIKE TO do yoga, fitness and boxing but has settled for playing Playstation. Like a pro.
Anton Vikström Details

When all the necessary stuff is done we get to play.

Anton Vikström

Grip +358 9 759 4770
Anton has been a solid part of the Angel Films warehouse crew since 2018.
He studied audio design and became a Grip. A moment of silence.
Anton is interested in everything that moves – he’s basically interested in everything that is technical and moves…

We need a Swedish touch here.

(Starting from far left)

Roope Ruuska

Booking +358 9 759 47720

In 2012 when the world was ending, he rose from the Twilight like a Dark Knight. Yeah, so Roope came to work at Angel in 2012. He handles the camera equipment bookings for movies and advertisements. He listens to music, is a big consumer of movies, he photographs, plays and watches football (a big Arsenal fan).

He says that Juha (far right) against all prejudice, has not always had a moustache. Unbelievable, right? Roope heard that Juha had it shaven once… at some point in the 70’s. Are you thinking what I am? Damn you have a dirty mind!

Apparently Roope has no vices. Of course you don’t. Nobody does.

Ville Penttilä

Gaffer and Partner +358 40 547 6464‬

Ville was Angel Films CEO 2009-2019.
Now he is partner and gaffer.

In the picture on the right side of Ville is Juha. Now, Ville remembers Juha dating way back to the early years of his career. He describes Juha as insanely friendly person, apparently a personality trait commonly known in the circles. So, in the early 90’s Ville was working as an camera assistant at Filmfotograferna, where Juha was also working at the time. There was this one incident that included Ville, a camera lens case and lenses smashing to the floor… yeah, you probably can imagine what happened – the lid of the case wasn’t locked and all the lenses (worth over 150 000 €) one by one… Juha just cough and continued business as usual. Smooth.

Ville’s vices are that he enjoys good food and wine a bit too much. So what to expect in the future? –Obesity and alcoholism.

Juha Heiskanen

Light Warehouse Foreman +358 9 759 47730

Juha is in charge of the lighting equipment and the first person you see when you come in as a client. He is a sight for the sore eye and also super helpful. In his free time Juha keeps his physical and mental health on shape with the fine art of basic walking. Let me tell you, this man can walk. Woah, you should see him walking! It’s just like, one foot goes in front of the other and then the other foot… It’s kinda amazing.

Fact: Juha was very surprised to hear that Roope (far left) was from Turku. Although he should suspected something was off, because apparently Roope was always very quiet when he cracked an Turku joke.

Juha has A LOT of vices. So we’ll just leave it there.

(Starting from far left)

Colin Thaa

Lighting technician +358 9 759 4770

Colin started his Angel Films journey as an intern in the late 2018, when he did internships in both Light and Camera departments. After that, he has done mainly lighting gigs.

But that is not all he can do! He is basically the Swiss Army Knife-guy of Angel Films: he does light, camera, speaks languages (German, Swedish, English, Finnish, French) and drives trucks.

Kosti Lehikoinen

Booking +358 9 759 47720

Kosti joined the Angel Films Crew in 2020, the year of hand sanitizer and global turmoil.

Kosti has over 20 years of experience in the business and he is a familiar face to many Finnish film set dwellers.

Freddie Andersson

Lighting technician +358 9 759 4770

Freddie came to Angel Films as an intern in 2018 and wowed everyone with his technical skills, great attitude and karaoke-abilities.

Freddie enjoys working in the light warehouse. He knows where everything is and how everything works, and is happy to help our customers with their light-related questions and troubles.

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