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6400 cubic meters
of fresh air

Welcome to our studio. TV programs, live broadcasts, commercials, feature films, you name it – here your imagination is the only limit.

Because you're worth it.

The Studio

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Our modern 800 m2 large studio, which can be divided to two studios, is the crown jewel of Angel Films.

The separate building was designed specifically to house the studio and was completed in 1997 (same year when the epic Titanic came out), whereafter it has hosted countless TV programs, commercials and feature films. The studio is also suitable for product launches and company events (let’s have a kiki!). Live broadcasts are also possible thanks to the good communications links.

The Angel Films studio building also houses a host of other facilities for the production crew: dressing rooms and showers, make-up room, wardrobe, offices and a full-sized catering kitchen, which can seat up to ca. 30 people. Within easy reach, the neighborhood boasts supplementary services such as a hardware store, a lumberyard and bunch of automotive stores if you have the sudden urge of buying something nice for yourself. And hey, the biggest shopping centre in Scandinavia, Itis, is near by. Plus within easy reach you´ll find Lanterna mall, which is focused on interior design stores.

Download studio blueprint 

Our studio in action

Below you can see some clips that have been partly or entirely shot in our studio. Grab your popcorns and enjoy the show!

Commercial: Eckerö Line  Director: Markus Virpiö  Cinematographer: Kjell Lagerroos  Producer: Ari Laitinen  Production Company: Otto Production

Commercial: Nissen  Director: Markus Virpiö  Cinematographer: Kjell Lagerroos  Production Producer: Risto Nikkilä  Production Company: Otto Production

Film: Onnelin ja Annelin talvi  Director: Saara Cantell  Cinematographer: Marita Hällfors F.S.C. Producers: Teea Hyytiä and Sari Lempiäinen  Production Company: Zodiak Finland Oy. Film is based on books of Marjatta Kureniemi

TV show: Tanssii tähtien kanssa 2014  Director: Niko Nykänen  Producer: Jaana Besmond  Production Company: Zodiak Finland

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